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4th September 2022

Dexter’s Day: The Family Bottom

Mummy says I have the ”family bottom”.

Daddy just laughed and said, ”No dog will have a bottom THAT big!”

Not sure what this is about but I don’t think my Mummy’s bottom is TOO big!

Daddy need talk anyway: his is VERY biteable and chunk!

(And he doesn’t read my blog LOL!).


Anyway, they were talking this morning about Funny Bottoms.

Daddy asked why one of our family needs a ”hysterical rectum”,

Coz , he went on, they ALL have funny bottoms!

Mummy laughed and said, she hadn’t said that  –

that she was talking about a medical procedure

But I cannot spell it!


Mummy told me all of our family, have the ”Family Bottom”

Which I thunk is a GOOD THING!

If they didn’t have it, their legs would fall off!

(Honestly, people are silly sometimes!)


Enuff talk about bottoms.

I’m off to play in the garden then to meet my friends

and we will, erm, sniff each others bottoms…….


( Whoops! Said it again! hee hee)

Happy Sunday!

Wuff and wags

Dexter x