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28th May 2022

Dexter’s Day: The Facts of Life!

Daddy, Mummy and I got up before silly o”clock today.

Daddy went to work and Mummy and I began to clean.

Mummy got her cross face and said,

“Dexter! You are driving me crazy!”

(Don’t know how! I don’t even have a car-

and we haven’t left the house!).

After a lot of shouting, (Mummy) and playing, (Me),

Mummy sat me down to tell me The Facts of Life:

They are:

  • you cannot have a quiet lie in if you live with a puppy
  • you cannot sweep or mop without a puppy riding on the brush or mop
  • you cannot get washing into or out of a washing machine, with the puppy stealing something
  • you cannot find your duster: even though you’ve just put it down!
  • you cannot keep the garden nice: coz the puppy digs up the plants
  • you cannot bend down ANYWHERE near the puppy, coz he nips your bum
  • you cannot have a shower without locking the puppy out so you can have peace
  • you cannot find your (new) glasses when the puppy has been in the room……
  • (and many more)

I am SO glad I’m a big dog now – and that I ate that puppy!

he was VERY naughty – and I thunk that Mummy and I

are safer without him!

Back to helping Mummy clean……

Wuff and wags

Dexter x

ps this photo is RUDE! But it makes me laugh and it’s about facts of life!

Dogs like to lie on their backs and giggle…….