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15th June 2023

Dexter’s Day: The Dexter Dormitory.

I’m going to be famous!

I’m going to build a Dormitory for the birds in my garden

And they can live in there in the winter!

(What’s a dormitory? Can I eat it?).

Mummy was telling me about this, while we were sitting on The Thinking Step:

She was brushing me and it was lovely but lots of my hair was falling out!

So she said to me, “Dexter, the birds will love this. They’ll build houses out of your hair –

We’ll have a Dexter Dormitory in the garden!”

She did promise me that the birds wouldn’t come and pull my hair out though –

that they’d only come and take the hair from the ground –

But I thunked to myself it would be wufferly if they all jumped on my back

And I could give them a ‘shuggy boat’ ride on my waggle tail!

I’ll offer this to the birdies in the morning, when I feed them.

wuff and wags

Dexter x