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16th October 2022

Dexter’s Day: The Clouds are Fighting!

Daddy and Mummy and Me and I and them,

Were sleeping very soundly

When, ”Bang!”

The Clouds starting having a Big Fight!

The Moon couldn’t stop it

And the Clouds shouted and shouted,

So the Stars started throwing things at them

To stop them being so noisy

And I was SCARED!


Well, I wasn’t really:

I was Angry with them:

they made my outside bed wet –

and I hadn’t even decided if I was going to use it!

I was still having big sleeps with my parents

But I like to go outside to snooze when it’s dark

So I can thunk thoughts

and make plans….


Mummy and Me and I and she,

Got up at so , so , so very early , completely silly o”clock

And brought all of the cushions in

To stop them getting wet

Coz the Clouds had started crying

Very Big Tears!


The Stars threw their light on us

so Mummy could see the cushions

and I hid!

Coz the light was a bit Too Bright

And I wanted to go back to sleep.


The noise went on and on and one

Until breakfast time.

I kept checking all was okay,

To protect my parents,

Then jumping back into bed between them,

Showing them how many tears the Clouds were shedding

And drying myself on their pillow,

So we were all okay……


It’s been okay during this afternoon

But I think the fights are starting again

So I’m going to bed early.

My parents bed.


wuff and wags

Dexter x