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21st March 2022

Dexter’s Day: The brush off.

Well it’s taken me 4 days

But I’ve finally trained Els and Andy

To let me do what I like, when I like

If Mummy and Daddy aren’t looking.


The new friends of mine now know

Which seats in the lounge are mine,

(All of them)

What I get to eat and when

(Everything and often),

Where I like to walk and run

EVERYWHERE – especially in the snow!

And that I like to get up VERY EARLY

and come and sniff their room and knock on the door.


They are starting to behave well.

Andy even helped thaw my tummy out, after the snow,

By brushing it very gently with the head off the broom

While I lay on my back in front of the fire.

It was very lovely.

So I smiled and waved my paws in the air.


I think we’ll do this every night

Coz it seemed to make Els and Andy smile too –

And I’m not scared of people who bare their teeth now

Coz I know it’s only them

Letting their happy out!


Wuff and wags

Dexter x