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19th April 2023

Dexter’s Day: The Big Chop!

I thunk I’m a Very Lucky Doggy!

Tomorrow, I’m getting The Big Chop!

I love chops – and I want to eat them all the time – especially the ones at Yialos which Daddy shares with me!

Oh, Mummy is explaining it to me. ”Da, da, da, da”……not listening Mummy!


But they are part of my ”orchestra” and I wuff them and they wiggle when I walk

And they make Mummy laugh and they ‘power my naughtiness”………

What am I going to do without them?


Feel better and be more polite and be allowed to play with other dogs?…..

Well, I thunk you’re talking now! There’s a cute little blonde Cadoodle thing that I’d love to ‘talk to’!


Mummy says she and Daddy are coming with me and it’s all going to be alright……

Hmmmmmmmmm. Me thunks tonight will be dedicated to ‘caring for my parts’….

Which I do everynight!


Wuff, wags and prayers!

Dexter! (ps have a good look at this picture: may be the very last time…)