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8th April 2022

Dexter’s Day: Talking to Shawn!

I am living my Very Best Life!

I’m SOOOOOOO lucky!

And I’m learning to speak Welsh!

Now I can bark in Geordie, (from Mummy),

Cypriot, (from my friend Andreas who brings the goats up the hill),

Pussycat speak , (from Brucie, Harry and Scrappy Cats)

AND Welsh – from Aunty Jane and Uncle Steve!

I understand when to give my paw –

which is whenever I want food and treats –

So ALL of the time!

And I ”come by ére” when shouted for.

(well, sometimes!)

It’s all just Fabulus!

AND Shawn the Sheep understands me now!

( Am just thunking, Mummy needs Daddy to learn Welsh too –

then maybe he’d understand her?)


I also know some naughty words.

Lindsay, the lovely dog trainer, used them

And they made me laugh!

But I don’t say them out loud.

I just think them when I get told off!


Life is fun.

I love being a PUPPY!


wuff and wags

Dexter x