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28th February 2024

Dexter’s Day: Talking therapy?

My Daddy is still laughing at something we were watching on the news this morning:
A very pretty lady was talking to another lady about how women were going to be helped to get better.
I thunk they were talking about hormones: I don’t know what they are but I cannot eat them!
Anyway, it seems that women have problems with hormones and need help.
(Daddy said women need help ALL of the time: Mummy punched him!).

I just laughed at them both coz they joke a lot and it’s funny!

Then the lady said that women were going to be offered , ‘Talking therapy’ to help them feel better!
Daddy thought this was hilarious!
He said they should come and get my Mummy and she’d talk the ears off them
and that she’d talk SO much, they’d feel better by getting out of her way!

Mummy isn’t speaking to Daddy now – so the ‘talking therapy’ must have worked and Daddy must be better!
Though his bruises aren’t!

I thunk humans are very silly!
wuff and wags
Dexter x