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7th April 2023

Dexter’s Day: Take your bra to walk, day!

It has been a very busy week, with happy people arriving in the lovely holiday villas

and Mummy running around making sure everything is okay.

Daddy and I and we and us have been helping Mummy: we go with her a lot

But we stay in the car ‘out of sight’ coz Daddy says it will stop Mummy talking so much!

Then we go for a walk.


Mummy thought I’d brought my teddy bear with me on the walk yesterday

but, when she looked closer as I jumped out of the car

It was one of her bras!

Her favourite one!

So I brought it to make her happy!

And bit the shoulder off it so I could keep a piece too!


Am grounded.

Not sure what that means and I cannot eat it

But I’m in Big Trouble – again.


Daddy said I was just keeping abreast of things as an ‘undercover agent’.

Mummy said that I’m simply a naughty teenager.

I thunk I’m just a Dexter! And I love stealing clothes and chewing them!


Wuff and wags

Dexter x