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15th March 2023

Dexter’s Day: Susie Sitting.

I thunk am going to have to change my parents!

They left me in Big Charge of Susie Floozy for FOUR whole days!

She is wufferly but she takes up a whole lot of the bed,

so I had to stretch and push and shove, to get my space!

I put her and The Great Raymondodoulou on a lead each day,

and took them for a walk, to tire them out –

and we came home and I followed them everywhere, to make sure they were safe

AND they wouldn’t drink Mummy’s wine or gin, coz they were ”being good”

(Need to teach Mummy that ”being good thing’ – she doesn’t know it),

AND I had to let them sit on my bit of the settee!


It was exhausting!

I thunk Susie likes me a whole lot coz she was very kind to me

and stayed awake to hear me snore – which I can do VERY LOUDLY!


My parents are home now and they seem to be happy to see me.

Am VERY happy to see them but I’m not going to tell them until 70 treats time!

It’s all good and I’m a happy destructordog !

Might even apply to ”Trusted People Sitters” for a job

Coz am very good at it!


Wuff and wags

Dexter x