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29th January 2023

Dexter’s Day: Sunday Lunch!

Me and Mummy and we and I have been Very Busy today!

We got up before silly o”clock – well, I woke Mummy up

Because I’m kind – and I know she had Things To Do!

So we got up and we did them!


My favourites are feeding the cats, then chasing Harry cat

Then we came in and took things out of my ”toy box”,

(Mummy calls it her vegetable rack but it’s full of things I play with:

like muddy potatoes, and smelly onions that don’t taste nice

and pretty coloured stuff that FLIES when I throw it!


So Mummy took the potatoes clothes off , (they won’t be cold coz she heats them up,

so don’t worry about  them).

Then I took their clothes out of the rubbish bin and rubbed them on my settee!

Then we made Yorkshire puddings! My favourite – but I don’t like the clothes

That the eggs come in: they are sharp and break when I chew them.

I left them in the bin.


Then we took a lovely cup of tea to Daddy.

His 4th of the morning, which he had in bed,

Then we dragged him out of bed and put him on the lead,

(Yes, silly, Of course we let him put his clothes on –


I took my parents to the seaside and we got wet.

Then we’ve been to the mountains and I ran away.

Now we are home and I’m shattered!


Daddy is hungry.

Me too.

Mummy better hurry up getting our lunch ready.

Or there will be Big Trouble!


Wuff and wags

Dexter x