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8th January 2023

Dexter’s Day: Sunday chillout?

I thunk there is something very wrong.

It’s Sunday.

I know this coz I got two sausages off Daddy.

(Well, I TOOK two of Daddy’s sausages!- and I ATE THEM!).


So, I thunk it’s a day to chill out

And it’s very hot and sunny

So I’ve been sitting on The Thunking Step,

Enjoying the sunshine

And planning mischief –

But I’ve just realised my parents haven’t had a walk yet!


So I thunk it’s time to put a lead on them both

And take them with me

to sniff the grass and the bushes,

and chase the cats by the bin

and pee on the banana groves

And run away!

(I thunk I won’t let them off the lead today

Coz they ran away yesterday and wouldn’t come back!

Though that may have been me!

Daddy seemed happy though: he was playing

”Throw the ball and run after it”

I just watched him from a safe distance-

which got safer the further I ran !).


Have a happy, chilled Sunday.

I will.

Once I been out for a walk !


Wuff and wags

Dexter x