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3rd March 2023

Dexter’s Day: Sunbathing!

Rude Angel, Gorilla, Shaun the Sheep, Thing, Teddy and all

Are on strike!

I don’t blame them.

We were playing happily, throwing each other around the room –

Well, that might have been me throwing THEM around the room,

When Mummy ”caught” Rude Angel on her face.

Mummy’s face, that is – and she pulled a horrible face!

“Dexter,  your toys smell!”, she said but she was smiling!

”I know , Mummy. I thunk that’s why I wuff them!”, I replied.

“Well, they are going into the washing machine to be cleaned …””

And with that, she threw all of my beloveds, into the big white thing

and locked them in!

I was so very upset – and so were they – and I couldn’t rescue them!


It’s okay though: they are now safe; lying in the sunshine on the hedge –

and when Mummy goes to work, I’m gonna get them

And roll them back in the garden, so they smell and feel better.

(I don’t like clean: it smells!).


wuff and wags

Dexter x