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7th March 2024

Dexter’s Day: Stinky Thursday!

I’m very excited coz Mummy has been telling me it’s , ‘Stinky Thursday’ and everywhere we go, we’ll see people sharing BBQs and eating lots of roasted and BBQ’s meat!
And I can eat it too!
Well, I probably cannot if it’s for people but people are very kind if I give them ‘cute eyes’
And they do share food with me!
Especially in Yialos , where the chef WUFFS me and gives me lots of treats to eat.

Mummy explained this should be the last meat eating day for Cypriots, before Easter coz it’s the start of Lent…

Am thunking, I can help with this and can eat all of the meat for EVERYONE for 40 days.
I don’t mind: I’m a Dexter and I can EAAAAAATTTTTT!

Also, am thunking am glad it’s not really a ‘stinky ‘ day coz I don’t like ‘stinky’ things – but I don’t like to be bathed either so am a bit stinky myself from time to time. Mind you, I wuff to walk through the fields and find all of the smells – but today I’ll only be looking for BBQ smells and lovely things to eat!

Happy Stinky Thursday!
Wuff and wags
Dexter x