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26th May 2023

Dexter’s Day: Sticks and Stones.

Me and Mummy and I and we, have had a very lovely day!

We’ve been cleaning and baking and washing and tidying –

Well, Mummy has but I’ve been busy too:

I’ve brought most of the new bit of garden Daddy did, into the kitchen.

It looks very pretty: we have a small rockery just in front of the sink.

It makes crunching noises when Mummy stands on it and she shouts!

Plus I dug up my favourite bush and brought it in to sit on my settee with me.

It’s very happy now coz I’m with it all of the time.

Once the soil stops dropping off the bottom of it, I think Mummy will be happy too

coz we’ve now got outdoors, indoors!

I don’t like the taste of some of the plants Daddy has put in pots,

so I’ve just nibbled them and left them where they are

BUT I do like one of the big pots coz it’s deep and full of stuff I can play with –

so I’ve pushed it over and am going digging!

(That’s my next job!).

For now, I’m going to give Mummy , ‘cute eyes’ coz the pies are out of the oven –



Wuff and wags

Dexter x