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10th February 2024

Dexter’s Day: Spring cleaning?

Me and Mummy and we and I and us, got up VERY early today!
Mummy didn’t seem too pleased that I wouldn’t let her stay in bed –
but I thunked we had , ‘things to do’- and I thunked right!
“Dexter”, she said to me, “now we are up, we may as well start Spring cleaning!”

I was VERY excited! (What is ‘spring cleaning’? can I eat it?).

Then I got to thunk about things and realised I hadn’t seen ANY springs around the house:
There are pencils and cobwebs and lots of ‘stuff’ and in ironing mountain;
Three of my toy boxes and lots of ‘Daddy hasn’t put his shoes away’ things –
But no springs?

Mummy seems to have found some coz she’s on her hands and knees, cleaning the wooden stairs
and talking away to the springs.
If I were a spring, I’d be frightened coz she seems to be very much on a mission!
But I’m not: I’m a Dexter and it’s Saturday and I’m going to a walk to sniff the world and meet friends!

Happy Saturday!
Wuff and wags
Dexter x