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27th December 2023

Dexter’s Day: Special Days!

It’s been a very busy few days! It’s been Christmas.
Am not sure what that is – but I could EAT! Lots and lots and lots
And then even more!
(Some of it I stole from the kitchen and some was given to me. All was wufferly!).

Mummy and Daddy and me and us and we , have chilled out around the house, playing chase.
Well, they’ve chased me coz they put lots of pretty toys on the tree and I kept stealing them!
It’s a great game.

We had my aunties and uncles and the giants and the wrinklies around for dinner.
No! Of course we didn’t eat them! – though they tasted very nice when I licked their hands!

I was so spoilt! Mummy says she’s never seen so many presents for one dog –
But I’m not a dog: I’m Dexter! The Destructor Dog! And I wuff my pressies and my Aunties.

Today is a ‘quiet day’. Well, it’s not really coz Daddy is watching a movie VERY LOUD,
according to Mummy.
I’ve walked my parents and Aunty and Uncle, along the seafront. Took them to Yialos and it was closed –
So I took them to the BBQ spot – and it was empty!
So we came home to eat – EVEN MORE!

These have been very special days with very special people – and two of my other favourite people
Will be home soon, so we’ll all be together!

It’s so lovely having good people with me. They make everyday special, not just Christmas.

Be Happy and be surrounded by waggly tails. It’s all you need – well, and to stop sneezing!

Wuff and wags
Dexter x