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6th January 2024

Dexter’s Day: Special day.

Mummy was telling me and Daddy and we and us, this morning, that today is a Very Special Day.
I thunked to myself that I know it is – coz my parents are here at home, my tail is wagging, my tummy is full AND I’m going to take my parents for a walk off the lead!
It’s such a special day, that they hid the tree that was in the house : the one that I was stealing toys off! I don’t know what they’ve done with it but the talking plant and posh dish, was back in the corner where the tree was living! (You humans are very strange).
I explained to Blue Monkey and my new Cream-Thing-of-Three-Bodies , that today was special but they still couldn’t come out to walk with me. They are only allowed to come as far as the gate.
Brucie Cat and Scraggy cat couldn’t come either: though we played a game of ‘chase the cats up the tree’ before I went for a walk!

The Forest was wufferly again today. Lots of people were celebrating this day – and some had sausages but Daddy wouldn’t let me go and talk to those people: he said the sausages were only for people – which I thunk is VERY mean!

I didn’t care too much coz Mummy had cooked a huge piece of meat for Daddy and me: well for Daddy really but he is kind and shares it with me – especially when I steal it off his plate!

I got an extra piece of meat because I frightened myself in the garden by going under the covers on the furniture ,which stop the rain getting in – and getting stuck and scared. I cried and Mummy came to get me.

So it’s been a very special day!
And I hope it has been for you too.
Special coz you’ve spent it with your people and furry friends, your memories and smiles.

Wuff and wags
Dexter x