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18th December 2021

Dexter’s Day: Sophisticat?

My Mummy is crazy!

She told me I’m a ”sophisticat!”


I’m a pupppppppeeeeeeee!


Seems that, just because I took my parents

to a posh, Christmas drinks party,

Mummy says, I’m ‘posh” too!


I’m not posh at all.

I poo”ed on the pavement today when we walked –

And I remembered trying to steal food last night:

(I’m almost tall enough to climb onto the table!



Anyway, it was a  VERY NICE Posh Party!

I dressed up with a velvet collar

And I shook paws with EVERYONE!

The Giants were there – they smell good –

And I met my God parents, parents –

So I’ve got God Grandparents!

But they talk funny! (and give good scratches!)

(Am going to talk to them

about tying their children to them

so they are here all the time).

They shouldn’t let them be out alone!)


I made a new friend, called Jack.

He does good walks when I’m tied to him!

My Aunty Jane and Uncle Steve

Were very well behaved – and kind!

so I let them sit on their sofa,

Next to me .

but I was tired and they kept touching me!


I don’t mind coz I got a few treats too



It was a lovely evening

And I’m going to do it again!

Am going to ”think” my parents

Into doing a Christmas party

And I’ll even be a cat

If it makes Mummy happy.


I love my Mummy and my Daddy

My family and parties and walks and Jack

And the world and food!


Almost – am tired now,

So am going to sit on Mummy’s knee.


And curl up like a Sophisticat!


Wuff and wags

Dexter x