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4th February 2024

Dexter’s Day: Some Finn Special!

I thunk I’m a very lucky Labrador, Destructordog coz I’ve got a PawPal!
He is called Finn and he’s so very handsome and strong and sexy and funny and playful –
Just like me!
(Well, that’s what our Mummies say; It’s not my description: I’d add; clever and fast and cheeky and perfect – hmmmm need to talk to Mummy!).

Anyway, Finn is very clever and has his parents wrapped right around his paws!
This we have in common!
Finn sent me a video of him lying on the sofa on his back, with his Dad person massaging his legs!
Perfect! And as it should be!

I woked up Mummy Very Early this morning coz I wanted her to write to Finn and send him a photo.
She said it was too early for the photo fairies to work- which I know wasn’t true coz she’d been looking at them on the machine which takes her smile away!

So I’m saving up good photos to send to Finn – and am going to ask him to come to my house for his holidays!
I thunk we’d play really good- and we can pretend to be twins and confuse my parents –
But he’s not allowed to cuddle my Mummy coz that’s my job! I’ve got the ‘cute eyes’!

Happy Sunday Finn, Finn’s parents and all of the doggies out there whose parents are reading this.

Wuff and wags – and wishing for every dog to have parents x
Dexter x