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6th March 2022

Dexter’s Day: So Tired!

It’s a very busy job, being a dog!

And I AM a dog!

Mummy and Daddy say I”m a Big Dog now

Coz I ate their puppy and everything I could find!


I like being Big!

I got a new Big Bed.

(I’ve eaten part of it already).

I can jump onto the parents bed

And cover them both at once!

I can jump over the gate –

And chase Brucie, Harry and Emma cat!

I can watch over the balustrades and scare the workmen

AND I can get into the high part of the fridge

When Mummy isn’t looking

And when she leaves the door open –

and there was CHICKEN!

And I ATE it!


I’ve also been able to dig up


And throw it EVERYWHERE!



Watch out Big Scary Wooden Door –

I’m coming for you!

wuff and wags

Dexter x