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21st March 2022

Dexter’s Day: Snow Patrol!

I LOVE snow!

And I can EAT IT!

But it disappears quickly

so I eat some more!


I took my parents and Els and Andy

To the mountains.

It was VERY cold

and GREAT fun!


Everywhere was white and cold

And the snow was deep and great fun!

I played snowball fights with little people

And Daddy chased me down the hill.

I could even run very fast in the white stuff

But my tummy got very cold

So I had to write my name in the snow

Just to try to warm up.


Mummy’s legs disappeared in the snow,

But she still threw snowballs at me.

I bounced and played and turned circles

And wagged my tail.


Then I slept for 2 days…..

(not really: I did wake up so I could EAT!).


Please take me back to the snow……

Wuff and wags

Dexter x