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18th January 2024

Dexter’s Day: Smells so good!

I like to take a moment or two to just breathe in the smells before I jump out of the car!
It helps me remember which walk I’m taking my parents on – and where to pee!

The walk on the quiet roads near the peacocks, smells to good!
The fields are full of vegetables and colours – and they smell wufferly!
(The peacocks don’t smell so good!).

It’s been raining a lot to, so I can rub my nose on the wet grass and it squeaks!
The best smells are close to the tavernas; Yialos is one of my favourites!
And the Ola Cafe on the St Georges road, smells just delicious – but I’m not allowed to stop there
Coz there is a HUGE dog called Pink who loves there and she is 1kg and scared of me!
(Not sure why: I’m a big baby really and I’d only like to kiss her!).

The forest has good smells too. The trees smell very good and very different.
They have better perfume than the stuff Mummy wears but I like that perfume smell
Coz it means my Mummy is close by and that makes me happy.

Daddy said I’ve been a bit smelly myself lately. It’s not my fault.
Air keeps escaping from me. I must have breathed in to much and it needs to escape-
normally when I’m sat next to Daddy!
So I wag my tail to make it travel quicker – towards him!

Have a fragrant day!
wuff and wags
Dexter x