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16th February 2022

Dexter’s Day: Smalls and large

Mummy and I had a busy early morning.

She was washing and, while she hung the washing out the back,

I took some of the next wash,

Out to the front garden.

Then Mummy went out to find it all

So I brought the wet washing in off the line at the back

And took it back to the garden,

While Mummy filled the washing machine again.



But Mummy didn’t seem to think so!

She laughed when I was wearing Daddy’s

Not so best pants,

on my nose –

But she didn’t laugh when I was wearing her ‘smalls”

On my nose

(though they couldn’t have been that small

coz they fit over my nose very well!).


We finished playing ”chase the washload”

then worked for a while.

Well, Mummy looked at the screen

And I kept trying to climb on her knee

And wrote the wrong things

So got into Little Trouble

Coz she was in a good mood

Coz I’d only chewed Daddy’s stuff

And not hers.

(Which tells me she didn’t find the bits

That I buried near the steps!).


Then I got my lead

And took Mummy for a walk.

Perfect washing and walking day!


Wuff and wags

Dexter x