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26th September 2021

Dexter’s Day: Sleepy Sunday – NEVER!

I am a Race Horse!
I am vault over the very big cushion my people parents have put across the archway to stop me escaping – and I can RUN downstairs!
Then back up again.
It’s great fun because the stairs are wooden and it makes a lot of NOISE!

And I’ve been sick! Yay! Right next to where Mummy person was trying to sleep.

My friends in the village where singing with the wind – so I joined in to! It was such a lovely sound that they were making and the wind was bringing me all of the smells and stories of the village: I loved it! It made me run in circles and jump and peeeeeeeeeee!

Mummy person had to get up and PLAY with me! It was great fun. I nip the back of her legs and she dances with me. It’s a great game!

And it’s was only 5 o’clock!

Mr Sun came to see us. It was very pretty and it made me Peeeeeeeee again!

Dad person has been fast asleep all the time so Mummy has just been very kind and followed me up the stairs and lifted me onto Dad’s bed so he can play with me too!

I like it here.
Think I’ll stay for a long time.
And I’ll need to coz I haven’t finished changing the garden yet!

Happy Sunday!
Wuf and wags.
Dexter x