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1st May 2024

Dexter’s Day – sleeping on the sofa!

Me and Mummy and we and us, slept on the sofa together for half of the night.

On the small sofa – which isn’t big enough for even one of us, so I don’t know why we were there.

I was happily asleep on Planet Bed, snuggled right over the top of Mummy

Coz I was dreaming that the Aliens were coming and was worried she’d be taken from me

She couldn’t move a muscle coz I didn’t want her to let the Aliens see she was there –

Then she jumped up, pushed me off and went to the sofa! Muttering all the way!

I was SO worried about the Aliens getting her, that I followed her there

And climbed back on top of her!

She said, “I give up Dexter”. But I don’t thunk she surrendered to the  Aliens –

I thunk I was in Big Trouble again – but she was safe and I was comfortable.

Wuff and wags