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9th November 2023

Dexter’s Day: Sleeping like a log!

Mummy was telling me about the Princess and the Pea – and how naughty the pea was spoiling her sleep!
The reason was that I tried to make Mummy feel better, so put my favourite stick in her bed.
A very BIG stick, that I thunk is the very best stick I’ve ever owned and I wuff it!

Mummy didn’t seem to wuff it as much as I did. First she didn’t see it, so she turned over and there it was.
On the edge of the pillow, in Daddy’s place, in the bed.
I was sleeping on the other side.
I thunked it was ‘cute’ that Stick was sleeping in the middle of us, like a baby –
but Mummy didn’t thunk this was cute – and she threw stick out!

I’m a Labrador! So I ran after Stick and threw him back at Mummy!
She wasn’t happy and threw him away again Very Far – but I found him and brought him back!
We played like this for ages – Until Mummy got her cross face on – and threw Stick off the balcony.

He didn’t die.
I found him again this morning so have just put him back, tucked up in bed for Mummy……

Wuff and Wags
Dexter x