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13th March 2022

Dexter’s Day: Sick Bay.

When I woke up my Mummy at 5.17 am this morning

I was worried!

She said she wasn’t feeling very well.

But I put her whole arm in my mouth

And she tasted fine.

So I licked her face

And that was fine too.

I thunked to her , that she was okay

and PLEAZZZEEEEE  feed me! I’m starving.


So she did and she made a nice cup of tea-

But then went back to bed


And we had Things to Do!


Daddy got up and he started the Things:

He had this magic stuff which didn’t taste nice

But it put things back onto things

That I’d bitten off.

It was magic!

I’m going to wait until it dries

And tastes better –

Then I’m going to Pull It Off again!


So we put the elephant, the two monster people

And the knob on the cupboard,

Back on.

Then we put the BIG monster’s hair back on

(I’d scalped him – it was fun),

Then we took Mummy another Nice Cup of Tea!

Her eyes were leaking but she was laughing.

(She says she has a bug – What is a bug?

Can I eat it?).


Anyway, it’s been a VERY BUSY DAY!

But everything is stuck back together.

Even Daddy’s fingers!

So Andy and Els will be happy

Coz things are ”in place”…..


but we’ve got three whole days

And I’m home alone….

Hee hee …..


Wuff and wags

Dexter x

(photo is of sick bay!)