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1st April 2024

Dexter’s Day: Shiny, happy doggy!

Me and Mummy and we and us, were chatting this morning as Mummy brushed me.

She was telling me that I’m SO handsome – but I thunked to myself, ‘I know that Mummy – you always tell me that”.

Then she said she doesn’t want any ‘trouble’ brought to the door from me messing around with girls!

I don’t mess around! I just wuff them and I wuff EVERYBODY – and if the girls want to come here, they can!

(Anyway, we had Barney TRubble here for too few years,  and he still comes to ‘see me’ but he’s nice Trubble!).

Mummy said I should do ‘naughty things’ with girls if my intentions are good towards them……

Wot is an ‘Intention”?  Can I eat it?

Anyway, I’m going to be good coz my parents are taking me out to meet lots of other people

and maybe GIRLS too! So I can make new friends and have ‘Intentions’ that are good….

The sun is shining and so is my handsome black coat – including the bits of it I leave everywhere around the house!


Hope you have a wufferly day!

Wuff and Wags to you all

Dexter x