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3rd May 2022

Dexter’s Day! She Came Back!


My Mummy left me


(well, for 5 sleeps and 4 days –

But it was okay really coz my Daddy was here

And I took Aunty Jane out for two walks a day:

She is good on the walk and lets me sniff and pull!

Then I took Aunty Jane and Uncle Steve to Yialos

Coz I wanted a beer.

But didn’t get one.

Then Rachel person was SO kind

And sent me Special Biscuits –

And I can eat them!)


So really, I had a lovely 5 days

Without my Mummy

But with lovely people

And I didn’t miss my Mummy ONE BIT!

(Well, except I did- but I’m not speaking to her yet

But she CAME BACK!

So I’m happy and happier now.

So I’m going to blog again

Coz I didn’t like to blog without my Mummy

It’s not right.

And I cannot spell.

I can only thunk

And eat .

Wuff and wags

Dexter x