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24th November 2021

Dexter’s Day: Sea Dog!

It’s been a very exciting afternoon!
I’ve been with my Daddy to sell a pool liner:
(What’s a pool liner? Can I eat it?).

Then Mummy and Daddy took me to Latchi,
To the seaside!
To the Big Scary Sea!
And I took the lead off them –
And ran into the water……

It was VERY cold!
And very WET!
And very LOVELY!

So I did it again!
Then I jumped and cuddled Mummy,
so she knew I was okay.

Then I ran with Daddy
But he wouldn’t come into the water.

Then I dug a BIG hole in the soft stuff
With my nose –
And the soft stuff made me sneeze,
So I did.
On Mummy.
Then I shook and shook and shook
And shared the sea with Mummy and Daddy!

I loved it!

Then I had to roll in the soft stuff
so I wasn’t wet getting into Daddy’s car.
But the soft stuff stuck on me!
But it’s okay.
I can wipe it off on Mummy and Daddy’s bed
When I get home!

I’m a Sea Dog Puppy!
And I’m SOOOO happy!
and tired………………

wuff and wags
Dexter x