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28th November 2021

Dexter’s Day: Saving Mummy!

Oh No!

Oh Dear!

Mummy is being eaten by white bubbles

in the water bowl in the bathroom!

Daddy escaped them and is safely downstairs

But my Mummy is stuck!

She keeps disappearing under them

When I try to get in and kiss her better!

I’ve shouted for Daddy but he didn’t hear,

So I’ve tried VERY HARD to make Mummy get out:

I’ve taken the bin outside and spread stuff everywhere


Then I went back to the bathroom and took the mat

But Mummy just laughed and said she’s use a towel –

So I took the towel

Then the other one,

Then the last one……

and now Mummy is safe!

She is running after me, shouting!

And the white bubbles are clinging to her!

They are falling off though in the cold air

So I know she won’t be eaten –

But I think I’m back in Big Trouble!


But my mummy is safe…….

and there are no bubbles in the Dog House!



Wuff and Wags

Dexter x