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29th May 2022

Dexter’s Day: Saving Mummy!

So we fed the cats and I played with Brucie

we did some washing and we prepared dinner.

We made Daddy a cup of tea

Then we tidied up

Then we made Daddy another cup of tea

And it was 6am,

So Mummy went back to bed

And Daddy got up to go to work –

and , after he’d gone, I went to get Mummy

So she wouldn’t be lonely

Or miss out on this very beautiful day!

She was asleep, so I dive bombed her

And nibbled her nose and shoulders

Then bit the pillow she threw at me,

Then the shoe that she hurled –

Then she got up!

And it’s all good!

The sun is shining! Mummy has another cup of tea!

Her computer is on, I’ve thunked about writing –

and now I’m tired.

So I’m going to sleep for the day

Coz I know Mummy is busy

So she needed me to Save Her From Her Lie In!


I’m a good, very tired, boy.

Wuff and wags

Dexter x