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23rd February 2022

Dexter’s Day: Sadness and hope

My parents and their friends,

had a Very Sad Day, yesterday.

I was very concerned about them all,

So I made sure that I cuddled everyone

And sat on their knees

And gave them my ”happy face”

And let them rub my tummy

Just to help them feel a little comfort.


We were all sitting with Charli

Though she was in the screen

And as she was saying ”goodbye” to Red

We were sending her love – and remembering Red too.


The thing about human sadness is that it’s an energy

With a  dark colour

But it is speckled with gold

Which are flakes of love, mixed up with hope

And wrapped up in comfort.

I don’t think humans can see this

But dogs can – so I wagged my tail hard

To make the ”love speckles” go everywhere

And wished the sadness to be kind-

And I understand it will stay around for a very long time.


Love is a funny thing!

It’s a Bright energy: like a rainbow


But , because it’s made up of so many colours,

It holds all of the energies within it,

From pain to sadness, joy to hope-

But they all make the colour of Love shine brightly

Always and everywhere – and even sadness cannot take it away.


I was ”thinking” to Mummy yesterday and again today,

Do people  know that Love is there?

She thought, ”yes” but her heart told me that it’s so very hard to lose someone you love….


I’m not going to lose anyone:

I will make sure that I find them and hold their Love in my soul

And wag my tail so that Love can be felt EVERYWHERE!


Dogs understand stuff.

We aren’t here for long But we know stuff.

Important stuff.

Like Love never leaves us – and can help keep us strong

And memories carry Love energy

For us all to lean upon .


Charli can lean on me on the days her Memories hide

Or hurt too much to unwrap.

Then, when she is a little stronger,

Love will fill her soul and I”ll help wag it around .

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