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6th August 2022

Dexter’s Day: Routine Magic.

I am a Very Happy Growing Up Puppy Dog!

My life is just wufferly – and I’m very grateful.




Mostly, I love FOOD!

And I can EAT IT!


My day starts at silly o”clock but I thunk I told you that.

Mummy and I take Daddy a Lovely Cup of Tea

Then we JUMP on him!

Well, I do.

Mummy drinks her tea quietly

But she does tickle my tummy a lot!


I like to lie in the middle of Mummy and Daddy

And smile A LOT

And play a lot

then we get up.


I sleep a lot during the day coz it’s hot.

Then I RUN WILD when Mummy comes home

And we play EVEN MORE!


Then I sleep again and wait for Daddy.

We eat EVERYTHING we can

Then we go for a walk.

(I have to walk my parents every night when it’s dark

I thunk they must scare people coz they don’t want to go in the light

Unless people scare them – but it’s okay: I’ll protect them).


Then we go home

I eat MORE

Then go crazy one more time, chasing the monsters away

Then I sleep – firstly in Mummy and Daddys” bed

So I know they are safe,

Then outside on the settee-that-used-to-be-clean.


Then it’s silly o”clock again!


Am a VERY happy Labrador of colour (except for the white bit on my leg).


Wuff and wags

Dexter x