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9th April 2023

Dexter’s Day: Remote working….

My Daddy had to make a Very Important Phone Call

Coz some naughty boys had thrown a fire extinguisher , into a pool.

(What’s a fire extinguisher? Can I eat it?).

Anyway, while Daddy was busy talking – and talking- and talking on the phone,

I thunked it was a good time to steal the remote for the TV

Coz he’d forgotten I was there and that I like to throw this around the garden!


So I stole it.

And threw it high into the air!

And it landed on a cushion on the chair JUST as Daddy saw I had it –

Then Daddys ‘smack’ landed on my bottom and he took the remote back.

But I still had the battery cover bit in my mouth –

So Mummy and I played chase around the pool.

It was GREAT fun!


Am grounded.

And the remote isn’t working anymore…..


wuff and wags

Dexter x