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26th March 2023

Dexter’s Day: reflecting on my weekend.

I’m a very lucky boy!

It’s been a lovely weekend with my people , even though Daddy person isn’t well

and keeps ”barking” as if he is a dog – and a very big dog at that!

Other than that, he has been quiet and just kept Mummy and I company.

We’ve walked and walked and walked – and I ran away coz I let Daddy off the lead!

I didn’t run far. I could still see my parents but they couldn’t catch me.


But I got into Big Trouble again and they wouldn’t take me to Yialos.


That’s okay , coz I took them to Yialos on Saturday and met my friends, Bill and Ben doggies.

We had beers and chats – in our dreams! But we did have water and I met new people.


Today has been quiet and Mummy and I have played chase and football

plus I’ve just had Sunday lunch coz it’s Yorkshire Pudding and Beef day!


I thunk that I wuff weekends coz my parents are home

But I wuff to sleep a lot too so it will be good when they go back to work

And I can chill and be naughty when they aren’t looking!


Hope you’ve all had a good weekend.

Wuff and wags

Dexter x