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10th January 2024

Dexter’s Day: Real downward facing dog!

I was playing happily with my parents off the lead, when I spotted someone interesting!
A lady was sat in the field, talking to herself very loudly-
So I wagged my tail up to her and gave her a huge lick on the lips!
She laughed and continued to talk to the small machine opposite her,
So I get wagging and smiled at the machine – and now I’m famous!

This lady was doing yoga in the forest, ‘streaming’ her practise live for her fans
and so I was being filmed being Dexter the Destructordog, messing everything up!

She was very kind to me and lauged, telling people that she liked pets joining her practise!
I couldn’t hang around coz there were places to sniff and run
But I ‘checked out’ her shoes and jacket which were on the floor – and tried to water them
Until Mummy shouted at me ,said goodbye to the lady and we headed off into the forest a little more.

Strangely, the lady left very quickly : I looked for her on the way back but could only see a Tree!
(get it! It’s a yoga joke!).

I’m funny – and not very fit but my downward facing dog is more authentic than Mummy’s!
Wuff and wags
Dexter x