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11th December 2022

Dexter’s Day: Quiet Day.

Me and Mummy and I and we,

Are having a Quiet Day today.

Its very lovely coz we are cuddled up together.

Well, we were until Mummy made me get off her knee

Coz she wanted to ”do something in the kitchen!”

So I followed her and sat on her feet.

Then I jumped up so we could ”waltz” together,

(Mummy is teaching me to dance!

I’m thunk I’m going to be on Strictly!).


Mummy is thunking her thoughts

and I’m thunking mine –

Especially thunking about how I can reach

The Yorkshire Pudding mountain

Which Mummy has made for Xmas Day!


I’m sad coz Mummy is sad.

But I’m happy coz she is my Mummy –

and we PLAY GOOD!

But not on a Quiet Day.

Today we just stay gentle and peaceful

and together….


wuff and wags

Dexter x