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21st December 2021

Dexter’s Day: Puppy Love!

I love my Mummy and Daddy SO much!

Am always trying to show them this

and to help them with ‘stuff”.


I sometimes let Mummy sit on my chair in front of the fire

Then I sit on top of her to keep her warm.

I take the washing off the airer and drag it upstairs

So Mummy doesn’t have to.


I am big enough now to lick the worktops

And to lean into the pans too, to test the food!


I found Daddy’s glasses this morning

And took them to him

After I’d made the legs more ”soft”

To help his ears.

(he wasn’t very happy! Don’t know why).


At night, I wait until they are asleep

Then jump in between them,

Putting my head on the pillow

And watching over them both.

Sometimes, when I fall asleep,

I push Mummy out of bed

But she doesn’t mind.



I keep them safe when we walk

By tying Mummy or Daddy to me.

They aren’t good at ”wobbly walks”

and prefer to walk straight,

So, once they are trained,

I may let them off the lead.


Today, Mummy is busy with her work,

So I’m checking every room for her.

I’ve emptied all of the bathrooms

And put the toilet paper in a pile in the lounge.

And the towels are in the puddle, washing.

It’s all good.


Am thinking I’ll test the vegetables now

To make sure everything is okay for Christmas.

I’ll lick them all clean!

That will help Mummy!


Now I’m tired.

So will sit on my chair for a while.


Wuff and Wags

Dexter x