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5th July 2022

Dexter’s Day: Puppies!

We are talking about fostering a puppy!

(Well, Mummy and I are – Daddy has said, ”No”

But we aren’t listening!).

Mummy says I could be a ”good influence”.

I’m not sure what an influence is still –

can I eat it?

Anyway, I won’t eat the puppy!

I already ate Mummy’s puppy

and it’s grown into MEEEEEEEE!


Mummy was telling me about all of the puppies

Who need loving homes

And who would like a Big Brother or Sister.

Well, I’m a Big Brother – and we also have

Gorilla, Rude Angel, Teddy, Crocodile, Shoe,

Funny looking thing, Dad’s pants (!) and plant pots.

So there are lots of us to help puppies

And lots of things to play with!


Think I need to thunk about is,

Will I have to share my food.?…

Will the puppy eat it?


Need to thunk deeply about this:

There may not be enough food for the two of us…..


Wuff and wags

Dexter x