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7th January 2022

Dexter’s Day: Puberty

My scary, lovely trainer, Lyndsay

Told Mummy I’m going through puberty.

Not sure what that is?

Can I eat it?


Anyway, Mummy thinks I’m just naughty

And male.

Not sure what she means

But I have a ”lipstick”!

I show it all the time!

But Mummy tells me off…


This morning, I’ve been gathering my ‘precious things’:

The empty box of Heroes: (Daddy ate all the choccies so I could have the box);

A pair of Daddy’s pants!

(Oh, I said ”pants”!)

And a bra of Mummy’s, which was drying on the airer.

(I’m a naughty boy! I have a BRA! –

And I’ve taken it outside to show Brucie cat-

And he laughed too!

Then I got my leg stuck in the elastic

And tripped over –

Which made him laugh even more!


But I’ve got a ”heroes” box

To put my pants and bra in

And I’m HAPPY!


Wonder what else I can find in ”puberty”

to steal and save……..


Be happy!

Wuff and wags

Dexter x