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30th July 2022

Dexter’s Day: Preparations!


We are getting visitors tomorrow!

To come and stay with us in the house!

(What’s a visitor?

Can I eat it?).


Mummy and Daddy have been very busy

Tidying up after me then tidying up other stuff

Then tidying up after me again.


I helped.

I checked the room of the visitor

And accidentally pulled the wire of of the lamp.

So got into Little Big Trouble.

So I was sad, coz I was only helping

So I thunked that , if I cuddled the Teddy Bear

Put on the bed for the  Visitor

I’d feel better.

But he wanted a fight

So we jumped and fought and  played

And his head came off……



So am now in BIG Big Trouble

And Mummy won’t let me back into the room.

(Who is going to check the clean?)


Anyway, I have to ”sit and thunk about my actions”,

according to Daddy.

I thunk I have great actions!

Look, I can chase my tail and jump over the settee

And land on the chair and…..oh dear,

Am off to hide.

you haven’t seen me……..


wuff and wags

Dexter x