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6th April 2022

Dexter’s Day: Pregnant!

I’m Pregnant!

Well, I’m 9 months old

And I overheard Mummy saying that’s when babies come –

So I must be!


I see!

I’m 9 months OLD!

Am a Big Boy but I’m NOT pregnant!


I’ll still eat triple the amount though

Just in case.


Mummy laughed at me when I told her:

She said I’m a boy – and boys DON’T get pregnant –

But I read this might be ”politically incorrect” LOL

So I said nothing!

But I can GET one of my girlfriends pregnant –

But Mummy doesn’t want ”trouble at the door”

So I won’t do ”naughty things”-

At least not THAT naughty thing-

Well, not for now!

Not until I’ve been ”seen to”!

(Though I think I’d make lovely puppies

And I wouldn’t eat them)!


Being a big boy ROCKS!

(and I love the rocks at the seaside!).

Am a happy, not pregnant, Big Boy!


wuff and wags

Dexter x