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1st August 2023

Dexter’s Day: Potatoes!

It’s my Daddy person’s birthday today! Its VERY exciting,

coz I’ve had to eat all of the packets the cards came in and the paper from pressies.

I thunk I like birthdays!

My present to Daddy was very special:

Last night, I found the pack of small potatoes which my parents like –

and I like coz I can open the lid and jump – and the potatoes go everywhere!

So I did this last night – and they laughed (a little) but Daddy cleared them all up –

Except he forgot one: my very favourite which I’d hidden from him until this morning!

Just after silly o’clock, I dived bombed Daddy in bed – and gave him his present:

A top speed, very large, very dangerous, very lovely potato – which flew at him!

Mummy laughed.

So did I.

Daddy didn’t.



Happy Birthday, Daddy Person. Thank you for being you (and sorry about the potato)!

Wuff and wags

Dexter x