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25th February 2022

Dexter’s Day: Pot calling Kettle!

It’s not fair!

I’m a VERY TIRED Puppy,

And I need to snuggle up

In my furry bed


Rude Angel, Gorilla, Teddy, Spanner, Rope, Tree and Shawn

Are ALL in there!

There is no room for me!

I tried and am hanging over the edge

with my legs on the cold floor

And I’m VERY uncomfortable

And not warm at all….


So I’ve ”thunked” Mummy off her computer

To come and look at the problem –

And she laughed!

”Now you know how I feel every night, Dexter”,

She said –

But she loves me so she moved the naughty toys

And now I’m snuggled up in a happy little ball

And the bed is ALL MINE!


I’ll help Mummy tonight coz she helped me.

I’ll push Daddy out of of bed instead of Mummy.

Then there will be room for both of us!


Wuff and wags

Dexter x