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31st July 2022

Dexter’s day: Posh Paws?

Good morning lovely people.

Am thunking what a gorgeous day it is –

And am also thunking , ”what is my real name?”.


I thunk I must be ”posh” – maybe even royal –

Coz my many names are all hyphenated!

I’m ” Dexter-get-down!”,


”Dexter – don’t-chew-that!”

”Dexter – STOP!”


My favourite is, ”Dexter-I’m-Home!”

Coz it means Mummy or Daddy are here!


So I thunk that I’ll choose ”Dexter IH” for short.

And it’s better than ”Dexter-you-little-S&(T!”


No bowing required

Just bow-wowing and lots of cuddles!


wuff and wags

Dexter x