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17th November 2023

Dexter’s Day: Pork Chop and Pants!

Oh, it’s a very happy Friday!
I don’t like it when my parents play out without me but I wuff it when they bring me treats!
And I got a pork chop from Geitonia! And it was all for me!

When Mummy gave it to me for my breakfast today, I took it straight upstairs to bed to throw at Daddy.
He didn’t wake up and when he did, he didn’t look at my pork chop – I thunk he’d seen it before.

so I took it into the lounge and played with it for a while – then I ate it! ALL…..

Mummy was downstairs making a lovely cup of tea and I was still hungry
So I came down and sneaked into the bedroom where the washing line was, coz it was raining outside –
and I stole a pair of Daddy’s new pants! Purple ones! And I chewed them to bits!
(Well, he should have admired my pork chop and I would have admired his new pants-
except I wouldn’t. I would still have eaten them!).

I thunk it’s going to be a really happy Friday!
Wuff and wags
Dexter x