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1st March 2023

Dexter’s Day: Poorly boy

I’ve got ”Dog Man Flu”!

Oh, Mummy says I haven’t got this – but I’m poorly…….

Daddy has Man Flu.


Whenever Mummy needs him to do something –

But I’ve got poorly tummy and am VERY SAD and NEED CUDDLES…..

(Well, I thunk I need cuddles ALL of the time – but I thunk I’m very not well

Especially if I got LOTS more cuddles!).


Last night, I was sick all over Mummy and the floor.

I missed Daddy .

So Mummy says I have to practise harder.

Not sure what she means – but I needed a Good Night’s Sleep

And rested all day today.

Until Mummy came home and I wanted BIG cuddles and play.

Then a walk and some tea.

So I thunk I must be feeling ”more like myself”.

(What DOES that mean? How can I feel like anyone else?)

(I am myself – and I thunk people say very silly things!).


hope you are all well.

Wuff and wags

Dexter x