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8th July 2022

Dexter’s Day: Poorly Boy

I am VERY POORLY so have to spend the whole day in bed!


Oh, I’m NOT poorly – Daddy is –

But I still get to spend the whole day in bed with him!

Am thunking that I make him feel better by being there

Everytime he goes to sleep, I climb on him and bite his arm

To make sure he is okay.

He seems to be a bit upset about this

So he must be VERY poorly.


I’m looking after him

Keep ”giving him” my toys, by throwing at high speed

from a great height.

And he throws them back – and wears his ”angry face”.


I’ve tried eating his tablets too

Just to check they are okay

And I drink his cold tea when he leaves it there.



(Am thunking should I get something to take Daddy’s temperature?

Oh! I have a pencil! Maybe that would work!)…..


…….am now in the Dog House……

(so I’ve put a healthy photo on this message!)

Wuff and wags

Dexter x